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We are a boutique bakery where every pastry, loaf, and bun are prepared and baked on the premises from our own recipes for the same day, influenced from places we've been and things we've seen.

As you walk through the door, the enticing aroma coming out of our ovens draws you in to the space we have created where you can watch it all happen in the open theatre-style kitchen, working and baking turning raw ingredients into the finest products.

The pastries are laid out bare in front of you on our handmade counter so you can choose the one that appeals to you most.

Our products aren't uniformed which is the beauty of them, each one is different making them perfectly imperfect.

Nothing is named, only described, they are really basic products everyone can relate to without fancy frills.

At the end of the day anything not sold goes to charities because freshness is everything and in our view, even a day old is never the same.


We are us, that's what makes it what it is.

Wake up your senses with an experience of taste, aroma, vision and the sound of good music.

Find us in the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool.

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